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DestroyDesign A Graphic Art Studio specializing in Gig Posters, Apparel, and Design.
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Welcome to the Cruel World

Check out Ben sing his classic “Welcome to the Cruel World”. Awesome song. The tee Ben is wearing is one that I designed recently for an LA skate company called “Gracias LA”. It’s now available from their web store…swing over and check them out:

ben harper brussels poster by alex lodermeier - destroydesign

Ben Harper Brussels 5.1.14 Poster

Here’s my poster for Ben Harper’s gig in Brussels Belgium at the Cirque Royal 5.1.14. This design is a head nod to the Belgium artist René Magritte who oftens uses clouds within negative space. For more info on Magritte please check out: René Magritte. The...

alex lodermeier - destroydesign

Ben Harper 11/18/13 Poster

Here’s my poster for Ben Harper’s show in Los Angeles…starring the one and only Mike Vallely bombing off the Walt Disney Concert Hall. This poster is an indigo print 13.5″ X 25″ and is limited edition of 160....