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Stingy Jack Print

It’s my favorite month of the year! One of my goals that I wanted to pursue with my art was making art for me…for fun. This month was the perfect opportunity to silk screen an art print in my garage for fun. I was reading with my daughter a couple weeks ago from a book she picked up from the library that talked about the history of Halloween. In the book they talked about the folklore of “Stingy Jack” who more famously became the inspiration behind the Jack O’Lantern. So I made this…a simple 1 color print in my garage. I switched up inks for the first time and used the speedball acrylic instead of the Nazdar ink on this which worked out well for my garage silk screen set up. I used the Neenah “desert storm” 80lb. cardstock for this which I previously used on the cover of the punk 7″ “Chronicle A/D” that I designed/released on Loderbrock Records years ago. I’m pretty stoked on this and it was fun to print a 1 color…I hope you dig it too. The print is 7″ x 11″ and is limited to 40 prints for sale in my store while they last. Cheers! Alex

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