Destroy Design | Rick Froberg interviews Rob Crow
I used to know Rob. And Zach. And the rest. Now they're hot. They ride around in busses playing to teeny boppers. But that will all be over soon.
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Rick Froberg interviews Rob Crow

pinback t-shirt by rick froberg artcoticIn 2008 I was the Art Director for an apparel line called Artcotic which we made with Huge Brands. Here is some of the t-shirt art that was created and interviews that were on the website.
Rob Crow interviewed by artist/musician Rick Froberg (Drive like Jehu, Hot Snakes) (Interview from 2008)

I used to know Rob. And Zach. And the rest. Now they’re hot. They ride around in busses playing to teeny boppers. But that will all be over soon. When the depression hits, when Peak Oil hits, there won’t be any service industries that will take them – not that there will be many service industries. You’ll see. So, in the interests of snarky, insulting internet journalism I have submitted the questions below at the behest of a website that sells t-shirts. I was paid nothing.

FROBERG: “How has music impoverished you?”

CROW: Well, you can’t keep a regular job when you have to tour all the time. I was fired from almost every job i’ve had, since starting a band, for this reason. A few of my more creative records were written and recorded on a diet of popcorn with Del Scorcho packets for flavor. It’s only the last few years (i put out my first of countless records in 93), that i’ve been at all monatarily successful. This, of course, won’t last.

FROBERG: “How do you stand each other?”

CROW: When we’re not working, we try to give each other a wide berth and we travel in different vehicles and sleep in seperate hotel rooms on tour when ever possible. On the last album we drank a lot of wine and things seemed to go much smoother between us. I love the guy, and we’re good friends and all, but we have completely different personalities. From anyone.

FROBERG: “Chronos or Graham Lewis?”

CROW: This is a tough one. It depends on the context. Both men have helped create whole genres in their respective main bands. While Graham has been more diverse in his creativity, Chronos is a front man as well as a bassist, making him a double threat. I definately like Chronos’ singing voice more, although Graham’s does have it’s charms when used sparingly. As bass players, i think they are both perfect for thier material. While Graham has matured into a handsome well-fit older man, Chronos has only gotton more scary looking the more wrinkly his face gets and how impossibly far his hairline recedes. Both looks play thier owners well. What may push Graham over the the edge is that i met him once at the casbah and he was amazingly nice to me for no reason But who knows, maybe Chronos is similarly gregarious. Coincidently, I’m djing at the Pink Elephant tonight and both “Manitou” and “Outdoor Miner” are on my playlist.

FROBERG: “Have you ever been stalked?”

CROW: Yes, and while I’d love to write about it at length, I’m a little afraid to.

FROBERG: “If you could pardon any one criminal in American History, who would it be and why?”

CROW: Well, there is apparently dna evidence that proves the WM3’s (Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelly) innocence, but that’s 3 guys. Then there’s Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abdul Jamial to think about, not to mention things like the Salem Witch Trials. Do you mean actual criminal, or unjustly jailed person? If you’re referring to an out and out totally-did-a-bad-thing guy, probably Manson. Purely for the publics entertainment value and the fact the he would obviously HATE to be released, but not if he was any more than harmless. I can just imagine bumping into him at the bus stop being all pissy about having to buy his own jello for a change.

FROBERG: “What is your favorite Mystic release?”

CROW: Government Issue – Give Us Stabb… FROBERG: “Why?” CROW: It’s just still great early DC Hardcore from some of the originators. I didn’t like the live one on mystic so much.

FROBERG: “Least favorite?”

CROW: Cone of Silence 7″


CROW: I must admit i’ve never heard it, and i’ve heard alot of shitty mystic bands, but i’ve always just hated the cover. I almost interned at Mytic when i was 16 or 17. They stole my idea of putting baseball cards for bands in their records. Looked stupid anyway.

FROBERG: “Detroit 1968 or Leucadia, California 1992?”

CROW: Well, LeucadiaCore had a much better survival rate, and only a fraction of the hard drug use.

FROBERG: “Best Lou’s Records Employee of all time?”

CROW: I’d probably say Denver Lucas, but I am biased.

FROBERG: “Worst Lou’s Records Employee of all time?”

CROW: hmmm. I probably woulda been, but he wouldn’t hire me.

FROBERG: “What is the stupidest fucking thing you have ever heard?”

CROW: Half of the shit coming out of my own mouth. Next to that, probably The Dead Kennedys with Brandon Cruz singing Jello’s parts.

FROBERG: “Red Bamboo or Pokeys?”

CROW: Red Bamboo ‘cuase it’s more diverse and i rarely can have it.

FROBERG: “Why are you a vegan when vegan food is absolutely revolting?”

CROW: I started being vegan to loose weight. I’m not vegan anymore, for now anyway, I’m pescetarian, but I’d still rather eat at Kate’s or Red Bamboo then just about anywhere else. I did a Peta add in a GG Allin shirt once.

FROBERG: “Do you like Chris De Burgh?”

CROW: I like watching people karaoke his songs and i like making up dirty lyrics to his songs.

FROBERG: “Do you believe his claims?”

CROW: That he has healing powers, or that you should’t pay a ferryman before getting to the other side? The only thing Chris De Burgh can heal with his hands is my blueballs.

FROBERG: “When will you wear pants?”

CROW: Perhaps in a really severe snowstorm. Otherwise I’m perfectly happy having worn longjohns and shorts all over the world in any kind of weather. I rolled up my pants at my wedding, but i DID wear matching socks for a change. They had skeletons on them and made a scary theremin sound when you pressed a button on the side.

FROBERG: “If you could rule be decree, what would you decree?”

CROW: I’m Fired!

FROBERG: “Describe the worst party you have ever been to.”

CROW: I was on tour with Physics and we got to the town we were supposed to play in and the people who were in charge of promoting the show not only hadn’t told anyone, but use us being there an excuse for a get together where “they” play for “us”. I got the fuck out of there.

This is perhaps the best interview i have ever done. -rob c.

For more information on Pinback please visit their website – For more information on artist/musician Rick Froberg visit Drive Like Jehu Facebook.

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