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Once a collector…

skeletor and he-man battle armer original

Once a collector…always a collector.

I grew up collecting things such as football cards and comic books. It was a family affair really…all thanks to my dad. My dad would take me and my little brothers out on the weekend and we would hit our shops. Looking back though I did my collecting all wrong…as I got tired of collecting one genre I would sell it off to buy more of my new collecting genre. The football cards were the first to go. I sold most of the high dollar items like my Johnny Unitas cards to the shop but then luckily I sold all the rest to my little brother so I could buy more comic books. I was a Marvel guy for sure and the Uncanny X-men was my series. I collected quite a lot of comics and loved them all. Then unfortunately I sold my comic books so I could buy more punk rock records. After I sold off my comics I finally learned my lesson and I wasn’t going to sell off any more of what I collected. I recently started to piece my Claremont/Bryne/Cockrum Uncanny X-men run back together but at the price of them now days are like a punch in the balls. Collecting is a strange disease that can’t be cured but it makes me happy. These days it’s a random madness from a boxed 1980’s toy that I had as a kid or a missing Anarcho-Punk record from the UK that I couldn’t find back in the day. I’ll be showing some stuff I collected for fun here on my website under the category: “my collection”. Cheers Alex

PS – If you want me to feed my addiction you can always send me cool shit to the address on my contact page 🙂

Badger drawing by Mike Baron - Postcard 1984

Badger drawing by Mike Baron – Postcard 1984 – I got this in mail when I was 10 years old.

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