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Jodie Kidd Silk Screen Art, Jodie Kidd, Alex Lodermeier
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Jodie Kidd Silk Screen Art

supermodel jodie kidd artwork by alex lodermeierBeing fresh out of art school and working for Huge Sportswear (now Huge Brands) for the last 3 years I wanted to continue my cartooning graff vs anime style to a medium that I was working in on a daily basis…silk screen printing. For my day job I was creating mountain resort t-shirts but this Jodie Kidd print was my first attempt at silk screening my art on a 16″ x 24″ canvas as my own art. Jodie Kidd was a model that just got the cover on the magazine “Top Model” of sept/oct 1997 and I wanted to make a piece of art based on her silk screened on canvas. I only printed up two on canvas but I sent her one of them. She sent a letter back to me inspiring me to keep on making art. She recently told me on twitter that my print still hangs in her sitting room today.

jodie kidd card

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