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  • gnarls barkely poster by alex lodermeier - destroydesign
  • gnarls barkely poster by alex lodermeier - destroydesign

Gnarls Barkley

At one point myspace was thriving as a social networking website. Actual people and bands maintained their own profiles and it was a great networking website for me and my art. Before Gnarls Barkley’s first album came out…yes the “crazy” song one…they held a couple poster design contests. The blue poster was my submission for the first contest and the magnum PI poster was my submission for the second contest. It was the first art contest that I’ve really entered and as a professional artist I can tell you most contests are a waste of time. But at the same time there are so many of us artists out there…the smallest publicity is worth it. As we are all trying to have our art seen. These posters show my art and the progression of my graphic illustration style the most. It was a breaking point for me in thought and how I wanted to compose images graphically. Gnarls Barkley’s management “waxploitation” actually had the first blue poster printed up 11″ x 17″.

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